Monday, February 12, 2007

NOT Week Two

Well, I still don't know whether or not I'm pregnant. I'll have a much better idea by late next week, if you catch my drift.

I did have a very symbolic pregnancy dream this weekend. It took place in a red desert similar to Garden of the Gods, except that I don't remember any greenery at all. My husband and I were sitting on a couch and either watching TV or looking at something on the internet together. I had a peeled hard-boiled egg in my hand, and I was trying to find a safe place for it. The only two options I could find were two Christmas boxes, one that was too small and one that was about the size of a shoe box. Then, I left the egg for the time being, reminding myself that I had to do something with it before nightfall so my dogs wouldn't take it. I went over to a batting cage and asked the guy if I could practice catching the balls with a mitt rather than batting them. I caught three in a row, and then I woke up.

So, what do I think it means? The red desert would seem to indicate that I'm afraid of being barren. The egg was obviously one of my eggs, especially since it was sans shell. I think the two boxes indicate what I perceive to be the size of my uterus now and the size of my uterus when I'm full term. I thought about my dogs simply because I always have to keep everything out of the reach of my dogs. And as for catching baseballs, I'm just going to let you use your imagination. ;)

Monday, February 5, 2007

NOT Week One

My husband and I have just started trying to have a baby. So I may be one week pregnant, one day pregnant, or not pregnant at all. I noticed my blood sugar was acting a little wacky last week, but I doubt that can be taken as an indication this early in the process (I'm borderline hypoglycemic to begin with).

My plan is to write an entry each week of my pregnancy, talking about the changes to my body, how I'm feeling, and what I've done to prepare myself and my home. This isn't an entirely self-indulgent blog. I want to keep a record of my pregnancy partly to help my memory. So many women can't really give specifics about their pregnancies, and I know that women who are pregnant and women who are trying to get pregnant have all sorts of questions that can only be answered by someone who actually kept track of her own pregnancy. Also, my child may someday be interested to know what it was like for me to carry him or her. Lastly, it will help me to be able to answer the obstetrician's questions about how things are progressing.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. I'd love to get your feedback, so leave comments whenever the notion hits you.