Friday, February 22, 2008

New Tactics

I've decided to use some new tactics for a couple of months to see if we have any better luck. Frankly, I'm beginning to grasp at straws here. I read that sperm can have trouble swimming through glycerine-based lubricants like KY Jelly (and can even be killed by it), but that egg whites seem to have the opposite effect. So, as gross as it may sound, I'm going to begin using egg whites. Also, I read that "thick" vaginal fluids can be a problem, but that Robitussin (with no letters after it) can help with that. So I'll be taking Robitussin (the ingredient you're looking for is Guaifenesin). I'm also wondering if my morning workouts are stressing my body out. Every other morning, I do a workout that often gets my pulse up to around 180 beats per minute and requires me to use my asthma inhaler. I've decided to replace that workout with yoga. I've done yoga before, and I loved it. I've found several poses that are supposed to be beneficial for pregnant women, so maybe they'll be beneficial for me, too. One other thing I read is that men can take mega-doses of vitamin C to make their sperm healthier, so I'm going to try to get my husband to take Emergen-C when I'm close to ovulating.

Ovulating. On that subject (if we were ever off that subject), I bought some ovulation tests last month, a pack of 7. The closest thing I got to a positive result was on day 19. The test line never got as dark as or darker than the control line (which would have definitely indicated ovulation). This month, I've bought a pack of 20 so I can test all month long. We'll see how that goes.