Friday, January 9, 2009

Test Time

I've taken a rather long break from trying to conceive since my second miscarriage. My doctor was concerned that further attempts would end in further miscarriages, and I certainly don't want to subject myself to that.

I visited an OB/GYN on Dec. 22. She's friendly and knowledgeable, a good combination. Right now, she has both my husband and myself going through a series of tests. We both have to have our blood tested. The doctor says it's possible that my chromosomes are fine and my husband's chromosomes are fine, but some fatal flaw happens when we combine them. My husband's semen is being tested for sperm count, shape, and mobility (basically, are there lots of sperm, are they shaped right, and do they swim forward). Then in a little over a week, I need to get a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Basically, they inject dye into the uterus and fallopian tubes and then do an X-ray to see if there are any blockages or growths. The doctor says it can be painful and feel like bad cramps, so I should take the maximum dose of my pain reliever of choice before I go in. So that's where we stand now. Currently, we've completed two of the four initial tests. Once we get the results from this initial set of tests, either we'll have our answer or the doctor will have me take more tests.

In the mean time, the doctor wants me to try not to conceive.